Monday, November 22, 2010

Assorted inspiration

I have a tag in my Google Reader called absolute faves where I save images that just need to appear on tidyowl someday so here are some from my absolute faves file, enjoy!

As Liz Lemon would say....``I want to go to there``.  A spot of yellow, stripes, knit, textured walls and a circular window make this a cosy spot.

Seen on Bliss, image from Morten Holtum

I want my office to look like this, including gold mirror of course!  From Rue, an amazing online magazine so full of style, it is bursting at its online seams.  Ok, I admit this just got tagged as an absolute fave today since Rue issue 2 is fresh off the online press.

Everything should be white.  It really should.  And I keep seeing that light fixture everywhere, love it.
 Seen on Design Evolution.

Upholstered bed, concrete walls, chandelier, arched doorway and little stool that someone who lives in a place like this would surely sit on to put their shoes on, with a shoe horn.

Image via Greige, source unknown

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