Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shine a Little Light: Lamp Dreaming

November is here and I'm back to blogging and twittering.  I am so excited to be in a new place and will have some pictures soon.  Before I take any pictures though, I need some light in here, seriously...dark on these November days.  I don't have enough lamps to make up for lack of overhead lighting!  Here are some lamps I love....and need (literally see).   I am very excited to be settled in my new place and can't wait to blog about it.

I could use a tall lamp like these in the bedroom:

Seen on Oliver Yaphe (from Metropolitan Home)

Or some smaller table lamps maybe:

Cherub Lamp from Ochre

Lotte lamp...classic design

Two of my existing lamps (from my flickr page):

Bedside yellow lamp


In the meantime, Jeremy Fisher is helping me through with his great new song...Shine a Little Light.


  1. Love that song!

    Glad to have you back to blogging after your busy October!

  2. such an appropriate blog for these dark November
    days, we all need a bit more light.